How Do I Log In?

If you are a returning member you must log in prior to activating a Festival Powder Pass or VIP Pass. 

 Login here:

If you are a new customer, upon completion of your order you will receive a confirmation email with a password. After you log in you will have the ability to choose your own password and will be able to access your account. 

If you have already completed your activation you can go directly to the Log In link and enter the email address you registered as your Username. If you have forgot your password you can hit the Reset Password button and create a new password with the link you will receive in your email. 


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    This does not work.... Please help! haha

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    Why does my activation codes not work? I have two VIP tickets I am trying to activate and it states both are inactive codes.

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    I just activated my promo code but haven’t received my tickets and won’t let me in even after I changed my password please help I paid for these bono pass

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